We are an Architectural Studio focused on creating beautiful, bespoke and considered space.

Founded in 2013 our designs are underpinned by an intelligent, honest, and logical response to functionality creating a playfulness and a strong sense of place embedded throughout the built form. Each project is bespoke and results from rigorous research, a strong client relationship and interrogations of light, proportion, scale, materials, site and culture. We meet our client’s needs, aims and ambitions, through considered dialogue and exploration that places our clients at the centre of our creative process.

From a City scale all the way down to the design of a single doorknob, our holistic approach to buildings and design respect and celebrate the effects of architecture. We appreciate that architecture shapes our lives through the material of an individual building, but also in how we inhabit this space, which has a profound effect on all aspects of our daily lives and interactions.

We believe in the Architect as Master Builder and thrive in creating innovative solutions to design; embracing making as an integral process of development. We explore and learn through the physicality of materials and the exploration of form. Our responses look to a holistic understanding of design from the overarching bigger picture, to the capacity in modest details and material properties. We believe that the best solutions are created through the physical integration of ideas and theories, where we are designers, makers, and collaborators.

Joanna Simpson | Director | MA, MArch, PgDip, ARB, RIBA, RIAS 

After graduating from The University of Edinburgh in 2009, with a first in Architecture and receiving the prestigious Martin Hackett Award, Joanna joined the built environment charity Article 25, working on projects in Sierra Leone’s largest national park with Jack Pringle and schools in Pakistan with Norman Foster, and then later with Dunthorne Parker Architects on a variety of commercial and residential projects across the UK. With a strong sense of vision and purpose, Joanna set up her studio in May 2013, founded on the idiom the devil is in the detail.

Alex Ewan | Architect | BA (Hons), PG Dip, PG Arch, ARB, RIBA

Alex is an RIBA chartered Architect who joined Simpson Studio in 2015 after completing her Part II at the CASS with London Metropolitan University. Since then she has worked on both residential and commercial projects within the studio which have enabled her to complete her Part III studies in October 2017 at the University of Westminster. Alex has a particular love for detail drawings, and with a pragmatic approach, enjoys the finer problem solving that a beautiful piece of joinery or complex building junction can require. 


Louie Austen | Architectural Assistant

Louie graduated from the Leicester School of Architecture with a First Class BA(Hons), developing an understanding for the importance of explorative concepts embedded in context. Since then, a range of high-end residential projects and international competition entries have incorporated and developed a passion for making. Louie is currently studying at the London School of Architecture. Newly established in 2015, the school seeks to create a dynamic loop between practice and academia experimenting in collaborative London based research projects on new forms of spatial organisation that are triggered by – and look to provide a framework for – new patterns of living. 

Philippine Wright | Architectural Assistant

After finishing a degree in languages in 2014, Philippine pursued a passion for architecture and graduated from the university of Edinburgh in 2017 with a distinction. While studying, she developed an interest in urban and social design, in particular the social responsibility of architecture. Having worked as an intern at Wallpaper* magazine Philippine now freelances as an architectural writer in her spare time. She enjoys challenging the status quo and was part of the inaugural class at the Free School of Architecture in Los Angeles. Philippine is now studying at the London School of Architecture, a school that combines academia with practice and uses London as a test bed for new and innovative architectural ideas.


Simpson & Sand

Simpson & Sand is our sister company, combining both Architecture and Making. Balancing form, function, style and detail we make furniture and objects enriched with a passion for design, focused on materials. This shines through in the pieces we create in our london workshop incubated at the heart of Somerset House, whether unique or part of the collection each piece is carefully handcrafted, focused on quality, honesty and beauty.

The London School of Architecture

Simpson Studio Architects is Part of the Practice Network for The London School of Architecture, a new institution that brings together practice and academia to offer a distinctive two-year postgraduate programme that is empowering, relevant and accessible. 

Comprising some 40 offices, the LSA’s Practice Network offers work-based learning opportunities for students, from boutique studios to some of the largest firms in the world; with a wide variety of critical and creative interests.

Being part of the London School of Architecture engages us with critical practice, contemporary architectural theory, and explorations in new forms of architecture. 

Simpson Studio Outlook

There are lots of things that are important to us as a studio and shape the way we approach design. Below are studio definitions of six of our key outlooks.



The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings

Synonyms; design, planning, construction, building, anatomy

We believe architecture is the term for a carefully designed structure, object or space. This can be as small as the hinge on a kitchen cupboard, or as large as a city masterplan. The term does not limit the scale that we work in. With Architecture being the holistic art of designing and constructing bespoke places of inhabitation and interaction, we develop our architecture across scales, continuously. Experimenting with detail and overall impact from the outset and maintaining the relationship, allowing the effects of a design at one scale to feed back into all others.



The action of working with someone to produce something

Synonyms; association, collusion, combination, participation, partnership, alliances

Process is weaker without conversation, and our conversation looks to empower involvement. We look to diversify and expand our team at every opportunity, enriching the resolution. The action of working with another to achieve a greater result.

We work very closely with sister comany Simpson & Sand, a British grown, bespoke and hand-made furniture maker with a focus on materials and detail.



Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Synonyms; comprehensive, integrated, entire, total, universal

We have a holistic approach to Architecture which sees design as an interconnected whole that is part of the larger world. It goes beyond the focus of a single realisation of any element to incorporate every aspect of the built environment and inhabitation of space, it considers aesthetics, sustainability, and spirituality.




The quality of being composed of matter

Synonyms; the real world, real life, actuality

The fundamental essence of architecture, the studio looks to use materials that are influenced by a project’s context, a client’s vision and the studio’s understanding of the importance in responsible sourcing. We believe that material choices have a unique power to both comfort and excite.



The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Synonyms; comparison, contrast

Thresholds in architectural detailing and material palettes allow for moments of joyful interactions. Creating contrasts, we are provided with a platform to highlight and celebrate material and form.



The quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.

Synonyms; practical, functionalism, serviceability, useful

Understanding a buildings use to drive creativity, explore form and embed soul within a space. To create spaces that are playful and effortless, that aid in everyday activities, and enhance the emotional experience of space.

Simpson Studio Architects Awards

We are very proud to have been recognised in the following awards