After graduating from The University of Edinburgh in 2009, with a first in Architecture and receiving the prestigious Martin Hackett Award, Joanna joined the built environment charity Article 25, working on projects in Sierra Leone’s largest national park with Jack Pringle and schools in Pakistan with Norman Foster, and then later with Dunthorne Parker Architects on a variety of commercial and residential projects throughout the UK.  

With a strong sense of vision and purpose Joanna set up her own practice in May 2013, Simpson Studio launched in Chelsea and is working on projects across the UK and Abroad.

Simpson Studio approaches every project with three founding principles:

The belief that buildings should be underpinned by a powerful idea, that the idea should be an intelligent, honest, and logical response to functionality and a sense of place, and that the idea should be embedded in the built form. A response to light, proportion, site, materials, function, space, scale and culture. 

A good building is an expression of clear and rational design, set out for each individual project, gained through a rigorous belief in the value of research and a strong client relationship. Great design stems from an understanding of a client’s needs, aims and ambitions, and it is through this relationship and dialogue that the most innovative and successful projects are achieved. 

A pragmatic and long-term view to design, durability, flexibility and sustainability. Understanding that the effect of architecture extends much further than the material of an individual building, with the built environment and how we inhabit it, having an enduring effect on all aspects of our lives.